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Braving the Challenges of Life and Leadership. Solving it Together

Traymone “Tray” Deadwyler is the Founder and Executive Director of the capacity building non-profit, Think for Good. Think for Good supports individuals and organizations as they increase their efficacy through creative ideation, planning and implementation. Committed to systemic problem-solving and co-creating a theory of change to achieve success in any area. Think for Good works collectively with their clients to push beyond the normal sense of charity and altruism to develop foundational solutions, embodying the company mission, “Solve it Together”.


In addition to his work with Think for Good, Tray serves as the Southeast Regional Director for the CompleMentor and the C4 Group. The CompleMentor is a life-action design firm that supports leaders and their teams by focusing personal and professional priorities that accelerate growth. The C4 Group strengthens faith-based entities to become the epicenter of local communities utilizing the Virtue model and CARE (Collaboration, Assess, Research, Evaluate) strategy with the goal to influence positive-change within culture and society.

Coaching and Consulting Philosophy:

Keenly aware of the challenges of life and leadership, I am committed to helping you and your team rise above daily frustrations and find the connection points of purpose in everyday occurrences. My team and I are focused on helping individuals and organizations come into a fundamental understanding of their identity and purpose. As a result, our clients are able to infuse their strengths to breakdown silos that prevent shared knowledge, connection, and positive change.

I am deliberate about those I partner with as clients. Together we will focus on personality, character, mission, and culture rather than job title and status. I am committed to holistic coaching and consulting where I can intentionally establish trust and transparency so that you are “seen, heard, and known”. Through innovative assessment and evaluative practices, we will walk through a transformative experience attaining desired outcomes with immediate, practical, sustaining steps of action.

My heart beats through encouraging people and changing the mindset of those who are stuck and silently screaming for an opportunity to grow and lead. My job is to empower you to pinpoint your dynamic capability and give voice to, take ownership of, and achieve your prioritized personal, professional, and organizational goals. Recognized for sound coaching and consulting methodologies, my servant leadership style is the catalyst for bold decisions and bravery in life and leadership.